Dynamic Martial Arts Academy provides outstanding, confidence-building martial arts programs in the Jamaica, St. Albans, South Ozone Park, Springfield Gardens, and Queens areas.

Who Are We

Since 2004, Dynamic Martial Arts Academy has been providing martial arts classes in the Jamaica, St. Albans, South Ozone Park, Springfield Gardens, and Queens areas. Under the direction of Rean Wisky, our experienced martial arts staff brings out the very best in each of our students. We guide our members to improve focus and be present in each moment.


“I love the discipline that Sensei has set forth in this school. Nothing that he teaches them he has not gone through himself. He teaches them to have a solid foundation of education, respect and self-confidence. It is an honor and a privilege to send my son to this school!”
– Natasha Ayanah Thomas

“Dynamic Martial Arts Academy along with Sensei Rean and the rest of such wonderful staff have contributed to my son Daniel’s attention, discipline, and listening skills!. Sensei Rean is an amazing and talented instructor who knows and understands children’s development as when teaching them at the same time values such as integrity, compassion, and sportsmanship. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with all the outcomes from the martial arts classes!!”
– Johana Hernandez

“Dynamic Martial Arts Academy is GREAT Karate school! My 11 yrs and 8yrs old were very shy but I love the confidence they have build and are demonstrating since going to Dynamic Martial Arts Academy. Sensei and the instructors are dedicated and are always enthusiastic and passionate when teaching the kids. The atmosphere at Dynamic Martial Arts Academy is very friendly/positive and respectful. Whatever your reason for wanting your kids to join a Karate school whether its skills to protect themselves or discipline or for fitness reasons I highly recommend Dynamic Martial Arts Academy…you will not regret joining your kids to this extended family.”
– Norma Lovelace

“There really isn’t one bad thing I can say about DMAA lead by Sensei Rean!! I took a chance to bring my girls (8 & 9) to an open house in August and they took to it as nothing ever before! Sensei has a way of reading exactly what kids need and brining the best out of them. My oldest needed extra help at school and we thought that adding the discipline of Karate would boost her progress – well Sensei accepted the challenge and has worked with her and my youngest one on one. He has created an atmosphere of confidence that transcends expectation! I am happy to say that my oldest has been improving at an unexpected rate in school as well as Karate. My youngest has found her self a safe environment in which she can’t test her physicality while expanding her mind and confidence. YOU CAN NOT PUT A PRICE ON THAT TYPE OF SUPPORT!! I strongly recommend that anyone looking for a supportive activity for their children then DMAA lead by Sensei Rean in Jamaica is the place to be.”
– Carlishia Bruno Ferguson


Learn valuable life skills in a fun, family-friendly environment