Classes are 30 minutes for beginners and 45 minutes for more advanced students.
The minimum amount of times you want to bring your kids in for classes is 2 times per week. The more you take the better, but at least 2 classes per week is the minimum for advancement and absorption of the lessons taught here.
Yes, you can always bring in someone at anytime for a free trial class as long as it’s their first time at our academy.
Just wear something comfortable to your first class. Gym clothes are the best option.
The benefits are endless. Focus, discipline, respect, confidence, responsibility and higher grades just to name a few.
Dynamic Martial Arts Academy has the absolute best system around for teaching the skills necessary for life through the martial arts. these lessons are the same ones you believe in and teach your child. That makes DMAA the best place to reaffirm the beliefs that you hold and want for your child through a different channel.
The official name of the style is Kaizen Karate Do, which is mainly a combination of Shotokan, Tae kwon Do and a few other styles. The most important question is what are the values of the system taught. Our values focus, respect, confidence, responsibility and we use martial arts as a metaphor for teaching the essential life skills.
Yes, you can definitely stay and watch. We have no secrets here.
The youngest age we start is 4 years old.
Yes, you can leave your child unaccompanied. DMAA is a very safe and family friendly environment where you can feel safe and know that the instructors and other parents will look out for your child as if they are their own.


Learn valuable life skills in a fun, family-friendly environment